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Find the right teaching position in the US

Connecting foreign teachers with accredited schools in the US is where international teachers find a teaching position in the US with great ease. If you’re a teacher at home and looking to teach in the US under the Teacher Exchange Program, you need to find a teaching job in the US. Our job is to connect teachers with accredited primary, middle, and high schools in the US. Your struggle to find your dream job ends right here. Get registered and start your journey towards career excellence. 


Why do you need

While you have an amazing opportunity to teach in some of the best institutes in the US and explore a new culture, it’s not easy to find a teaching job in the US. We simplify the job finding process for you so that you don’t spend thousands of dollars on program fees - so many foreign teachers find a teaching job in the US with the help of a recruiter that costs a lot of money. is designed to help you find the perfect job without spending a dime. We also assist you throughout your application process. 

How it works

Our objective is to remove the hassle and make it super easy for international teachers to explore and find their ideal teaching positions. Here is how it works: 

1. Create an account 

First of all, you need to create an account on All you need to do is provide some basic information to register. The whole process will take only a few minutes.  

2. Search jobs 

Once your account is created, the next step is to start your job search. You can filter down your options by selecting your subject, school level, and states where you would like to serve. There are many teaching jobs in the USA for international teachers, for example.

3. Apply 

You will find a list of schools looking for foreign teachers. This is where you get in contact with your preferred schools and start your application process. 

Requirements to become professional teacher in the United States of America

If a school has accepted your application for a teaching position, the next important step is to get the J1 visa for teachers. In order to get a teaching job and a J1 visa, you have to meet the following teaching in USA requirements: 

  • You must be a non-US resident. 

  • You’re working as a primary or secondary school teacher in your home country. 

  • You have at least two years of full-time teaching experience. 

  • You must possess a degree equivalent to a US Bachelor’s degree in the subject you want to teach. 

  • You must be qualified to teach in the US or a state where you want to teach. 

  • You must be proficient in the English language. 

  • You must be sponsored by an approved sponsoring organization. 

  • You have no intention to seek legal residence in the US.


Click below to start looking for your teaching position in the U.S.!

Frequently asked questions

You certainly have plenty of questions at this moment. Let’s answer some of the most frequently asked questions to help you better understand what it takes to become a teacher in the US 


1. Can a foreigner be a teacher in the USA?

Yes. If you’re a foreigner and you meet the pre-defined requirements, you can teach in the US. The J-1 Teacher Program is a nonimmigrant cultural exchange that enables international teachers to teach in accredited primary and secondary schools in the US. J1teachers.come is the only platform that helps foreign teachers find a suitable teaching job in the US. 

2. What are teachers exchange programs? 

Teacher exchange programs are developed to enable teachers to swap jobs with other teachers in a different country for a specific time period. 

3. What are the requirements to become a professional teacher in the USA?

As a foreign teacher, you must meet certain requirements to become a professional teacher in the USA for a specific time period. We’ve already mentioned those requirements above. 

4. Which teachers are in demand in the USA?

There’s a teacher shortage in the USA. The number of students is increasing every year, and so does the need for qualified teachers. Highly qualified primary and secondary school teachers, therefore, are in great demand in the country.  

5. Can a teacher get a green card?

Foreign teachers serving in the US under a cultural exchange program cannot obtain a green card. They teach in a school for a certain period of time and then return to their home country. 

6. What is the average salary of a US teacher?

The average salary of teachers varies from state to state. Read the following blog post to get a detailed picture of the average J1 visa teacher salary in different states: 

How much do you get paid teaching in the USA? 


7. What is the hardest subject to teach?

There are certain subjects that really test the teaching skills and subject knowledge of a teacher. For example, physics, chemistry, and biology are some of the hardest subjects to teach. 

8. What type of teachers get paid the most?

In the US, some states pay teachers more than others. Generally speaking, high school teachers get paid the most. How much you get paid as a teacher depends largely on your experience and teaching skills. 

9. How do I become a J-1 teacher in the USA?

How to get a teacher job in the USA? If you’re a professional teacher in your home country, you can become a teacher in the USA. You need to get a teaching job in a state and a J-1 visa. 

10. Which country is best for teachers? 

There are several countries that offer incredible teaching opportunities and salaries. The US is one of the countries with the highest teacher salaries in the world.  

Ready to find your dream teaching job in the US?

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