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Best 15 Highest Paying Jobs in Education

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

What is the highest paying job in education? When most people think of education, teachers might be the first job position that comes to mind. While teachers are at the crux of almost everything that happens in this field, it is also an incredibly diverse one that requires several other positions to make everything run smoothly for the benefit of the students. Some of these jobs may be administrative in nature, and they might come with financial benefits and bonuses that can make them quite lucrative.

If you are trained as a teacher anywhere in the world and would like to try getting one of these positions in a US-based school, can help you with that. At J1Teachers, we specialize in helping qualified, trained individuals from abroad visit the US for teaching work. Most applicants, once approved, can stay for a few years to develop their skills, learn the duties of the job, and take their experiences back with them to their home countries. There are also opportunities for extending your stay on the J-1 visa. helps to facilitate the process by providing useful information and support about the Bridge Program that individuals from other countries might use in order to get into the US on the appropriate visa for teaching. Each year, this program accepts hundreds of thousands of working people from 200 countries, and many of them are young teachers looking to get more experience in the US and exchange cross-cultural ideas and job training. J1Teachers can help provide some of the resources that might make this process easier, and we also have ways to help you search for teaching or related jobs on a state-by-state basis.

If you’re looking for some of the highest paying jobs in education that the US has to offer, we’ll touch on some of these in our blog post below. We can tell you a bit about which careers you might go for in the US and why, but we’ll also give you some insights into what your expected job duties would be in order to earn the average salaries that come with these positions.

In order to give readers some of the most complete information on some of the jobs in the education field that might pay the highest in terms of salary alone, you can visit authoritative sites like the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This site both compiles and updates facts relating to jobs and pay within the US, and it collates different data points in order to do so. For more complete information relating to roles, please read more of our blog post below.


• The national average salary for a superintendent role is $98,750

Primary Duties or Requirements

Unlike leadership or administrative roles in individual schools within the US, the school superintendent typically presides over an entire district. This district can include several places for education, and they have some collective goals that the school board in the area would like them to meet. The superintendent is the one in charge who tries to make these goals into a reality. To do this, they may delegate work to various teams under them in order to get some of the goals accomplished within a specific period of time.

Some of the main duties you’ll be tasked with include working with the school board, presiding over administrative positions, daily operations, staff hires, procuring resources for schools in your district, and serving as the public face of the district you represent.

University Administrator

• The national average salary for a university administrator role is $94,340

Primary Duties or Requirements

Demand for positions in higher education is increasing, and it is no surprise that there is a need for qualified administrators to fill roles that oversee teachers and facilitate operations at educational institutions. The university administrator is one such role, and you may be able to work up to it once you come to the US as part of the J-1 program. Typically, university-level jobs tend to pay higher than some of their counterparts, so it is no surprise that a university administrator can be considered one of the highest paying education jobs when it comes to the US education system. Some of their primary duties involve overseeing employees, being a point of contact between parents and the institution, admissions work, helping students with major projects, and going over various safety protocols.

School Principal

• The national average salary for a school principal role is $95,310

Primary Duties or Requirements

As we mentioned earlier, the school principal is one of the administrative leaders who would be working under a particular superintendent for the district. While the superintendent focuses on goals for the district, the principal is concerned with goals for the specific school over which they preside. It is worth noting that there are also assistant principal positions in the US, and you may qualify for one or both of these depending on the training and education you’ve received in your home country.

Some of the other major things that you can expect to work on as a school principal include hiring or dismissing new staff, addressing the concerns of parents, discussing problems with students, planning strategies to develop new teaching skills, budget work, and meeting with department heads to discuss major things related to each facet of the school.

Library Technician

• The national average salary for a library technician is $37,958.

Primary Duties and Requirements

You may see this job listed as an assistant to the head librarian, and it is because these technicians help the head of this department to improve library services for all faculty members and students. They will assist any and all patrons with registering within the library’s system, using that system if something is unclear, finding books, administering any meetings relating to library services, and managing the general upkeep of the space. For any prospective candidates who love books and everything about them, J1Teachers is excited to help others find positions in this field.

Special Education Teacher

• The national average salary for a special education teacher is $55,185.

Primary Duties and Requirements

The duties of a special education teacher can vary widely, and this can be particularly dependent on the specific disabilities or needs of the children for whom they care. In general, however, this position will allow you to work with students who may need extra help with basic subjects such as arithmetic, reading, writing, or other things. Some interpersonal or communications work may also be a requirement. You may be asked to supervise small groups of these students from time to time. Good leadership skills and patience are great qualities to have for this position.

Elementary School Teacher

• The average base salary for an elementary school teacher is $70,715.

Primary Duties and Requirements

At the elementary level, candidates would help young children learn basic skills in core areas of academic success. These would include helping them refine their skills in reading, math, writing, and possibly very introductory sciences. Further, you would help the children do projects in groups and foster a community spirit. For non-academic duties, you would record student progress and meet with parents to discuss learning goals.

ESL Teacher

• The average base salary for a teacher of English as a second language is $51,411.

Primary Duties and Requirements

As someone fluent in English, you could be ideally placed to help children who have a native language other than English to learn how to communicate more effectively. You would do this through a combination of lessons that focused on both the spoken and written forms of English. Additionally, you might help some students with their reading fluency, which could tie into better preparedness overall when it comes to using English naturally.

Health Educator

• The average base salary for a health educator is $43,036.

Primary Duties and Requirements

A health educator could have many and varied duties, but they will center around student health. As such, you would be responsible for tracking and monitoring student body health as a whole, and you would then figure out how to make improvements to their overall vitality over the course of their academic careers. In doing so, you may work with other health professionals in the local area to come up with action plans.

Guidance Counselor

• The average base salary for a guidance counselor is $49,103.

Primary Duties and Requirements

As a guidance counselor, you would help students who want to focus on their futures decide what sorts of higher education to pursue. In most cases, this will help them decide what they might like to do professionally. Social development is also one of the possible responsibilities you would have. Additionally, although school psychologists may be available, you may play some role in helping students with their mental health.

Speech Pathologist

• The average base salary for a speech pathologist is $71,509.

Primary Duties and Requirements

This job is possibly listed as a speech therapist in some places, but you would fill the same role using this title. A speech pathologist or therapist works with students who have any kinds of impediments to their speech that might fall outside of the expected norm. The ways in which you might address these issues can vary, but they will typically involve making lesson plans tailored to a student's specific problems. Individual time to practice their speech on their own is also a common component here.


• The average base salary for a professor is $78,470.

Primary Duties and Requirements

You’ll typically find professors once you return to the university or college levels of academics, and J1Teachers is happy to work with candidates who would like to go for one of these positions. As you might expect, professors will create lesson plans around their chosen subject matter, teach in a classroom setting, grade student work, and offer advice if students are having difficulties in class. Some professors may even do research writing or lab work, but this is dependent on their fields and skills.

Instructional Coordinator

• The average base salary for an instructional coordinator is $64,450.

Primary Duties and Requirements

This is another high-level position that focuses on the bigger picture, and it does so by implementing curriculum standards. The instructional coordinator will work closely with school principals and teachers within a particular district. You would decide on a curriculum, implement it, and then assess how effective that curriculum was at teaching the appropriate materials within a given frame of time.

Education Consultant

• The average base salary for an education consultant is $59,092.

Primary Duties and Requirements

Consultants in this field will provide services for faculty, students, and perhaps even parents. Typically, they will have a specific area of expertise in which they can render aid. This help may come in the form of school layout advice, curriculum standards, or different ways in which technology might help students excel in their studies.

Student Services Director

• The average base salary for a director of student services is $53,458.

Primary Duties and Requirements

These positions are typically found on college or university campuses, but it is possible that you might find such a director at the high school level as well. In any case, student services directors will create programs that help to foster growth among those attending the school. These programs can range from sporting events to concerts. Directors may also create some of the rules students abide by while on campus.

Assistant Professor

• The average base salary for an assistant professor is $63,352.

Primary Duties and Requirements

The assistant professor job is somewhat similar to the professor role, but the former is more of an entry-level position where qualified candidates will start on their paths to becoming tenured educators. In this job, you may keep office hours to help the students in a particular field deal with questions. You’ll also prepare lesson plans and administer exams.

FAQs About Trade School Jobs

What is the highest-paid job in education?

The highest-paid jobs in education vary by state, but the median annual wage for teachers nationwide is $51,000. Teachers earn significantly more money in states like California ($63,000), New York ($65,000), and Washington ($66,000). However, teachers in Texas earn only $42,000 per year. The lowest paying states include Mississippi ($40,000), Alabama ($41,000), and Kentucky ($43,000).

What is the best job in education?

The best job in education is teaching, hands down. Not only does it pay the highest salary, but it's also the most rewarding career choice. There are many different ways to teach, and teachers can specialize in areas such as math, science, English, history, art, music, etc. Teachers can also teach multiple subjects simultaneously, allowing them to earn extra money by teaching two classes at once. Teaching is a great profession for anyone who loves children and wants to see them succeed.

Can you make 6 figures in education?

The average annual salary for teachers in the United States is around $50,000 per year. While this may seem like a lot of money, it doesn't take into account the cost of living in major cities such as New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, etc. So, if you live in a smaller city, you could easily make $60,000-$70,000 per year. However, if you're willing to move to a bigger city, you could potentially earn upwards of $100,000 per year. There are many factors that go into earning a high salary, but one of the biggest ones is experience. The more experience you have, the more valuable you'll be to employers. Another big factor is location. Teachers in large urban areas tend to make more money than teachers in rural areas. And finally, the type of school you teach in plays a role too. Schools that focus on STEM subjects tend to pay more than schools that focus on arts and humanities.

How much money can I make in education?

If you're just starting out in the field, you should expect to make anywhere from $20,000-$30,000 per year. Of course, this varies depending on the size of the district you work for, the number of students you teach, and the amount of funding available to your school. Once you gain more experience, you could easily make upwards of $40,000-$50,000 per year, especially if you're teaching in a larger district where you'll have access to more resources.

How can I make a lot of money in education?

There are many ways to make money in education. Some of these include tutoring, teaching private lessons, selling books and supplies, writing curriculum, tutoring online, and working part-time jobs such as babysitting, dog walking, and housekeeping. There are many different ways to make money in any field, and many of them require little to no experience. However, if you're serious about earning money in education, you may want to consider taking classes at community colleges or vocational schools. These programs teach students skills that are transferable to real-world careers, and they often offer scholarships and grants to those who excel.

What type of teacher is most in demand?

Teachers are among the highest-paid professionals in the world. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for elementary school teachers is $49,670, middle school teachers earn $50,890, high school teachers earn $55,360, and special education teachers earn $52,050. Teachers are also among the best-educated professionals. A bachelor's degree is required for many jobs, and many teachers hold master's degrees. While salaries vary widely depending on location, experience level, and subject area, the job outlook is good. There are currently 1.1 million open positions in the U.S., according to the National Education Association, and the number continues to rise. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that employment for teachers will continue to grow throughout the decade.


Administrative jobs in teaching can often pay higher than their faculty counterparts in the US. It is also true that some high-level instructors in university positions can earn good wages too, but these often require regular research or updates in order to get and keep the best positions. While those working in administration may need to update their training from time to time, the jobs and their requirements are relatively stable.

If you’re an international teacher looking to come to the US to get some of the highest-paid positions that the education field can offer, these jobs are great places to start. J1Teachers can help you find other positions for which you might be suited, too. Additionally, we’re able to make the process of finding information on the J-1 program and completing it much easier, and we’re happy to use our high paying jobs for teachers resources to help you facilitate your own stay in the States today.


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