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A Better Way To Find a Teaching Position

WITHOUT PAYING A RECRUITER was created to allow foreign J-1 teachers and U.S. school the opportunity to find each other without the help of recruiters. Many J-1 teachers feel forced to use recruiters to find a teaching opportunity in the U.S. Unfortunately, recruiters charge high placement fees, often in the thousands of dollars. The resulting financial burden on the J-1 teacher continues after they arrive in the U.S. This site provides an alternative and allows teachers and school to find each other without the use of an intermediary. is developed and maintained by HTP J-1 Visa Programs, a Department of State designated sponsor of the J-1 Teacher program. After a J-1 teacher is hired through this site, HTP will issue the necessary J-1 visa, provide orientation and guide the teacher throughout their stay in the U.S.

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